Chigirev Portrait Photography | Argentine Tango German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi
Argentine Tango, German Cornejo, Gisela Galeassi
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Tango. German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi

Buenos Aires. Argentina 2015. Tango Masters Project.

Tango clothes collection: Mimi Pinzon | Tango shoes collection: Madreselva zapatos

Germán & Gisela won the “UK Latin Awards 2015- Best Theatre Production” with the show “Tango Fire” directed by German


Germán & Gisela have been practicing and perfecting their tango since the early age of 10 and 16 respectively. They have mastered the skills and styles of classical dance, contemporary dance, jazz, ballet, acrobatics & tango in the company of Argentina’s most respected teachers. After over 40 first place prizes at national level, Germán & Gisela became World Tango Champions in 2005 and 2003 respectively, which undoubtedly took their professionalism and dance to the highest level and standards.

Germán & Gisela’s list of performances is endless. They have participated in the following top rating TV shows in Argentina and around the world: Susana Giménez, Bailando 2012, Showmatch, Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand, Mañanas Informales, La Noche del 10, Por el Mundo, Desayuno, Por Siempre Tango, Mp3, Música del Tercer Milenio, Afectos Especiales, Programa Do Jó (Brazil), The CW11 Morning News (USA),Fox News” (USA), Good Day New York! (USA), Espejo Público (España), Televisión de Cataluña (España), Dancing with The Stars (Australia), Sky News (UK), Sky Live (UK). Also, Germán & Gisela joined the worldwide famous Jennifer Lopez & Marc Antony’s reality TV show  Q’ Viva- The Chosen (USA, Canada, and Latin America) where they became winning finalists and so starred JLo and Marc Anthony’s show Q ‘Viva Live as Soloist Dancers under the direction of the well-known entertainment director (from Madonna, JLo and Britney Spears, among others) Jamie King. This show was a spectacular success at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, USA.

Germán & Gisela’s performances have gotten rave reviews in different corners of the world as in the Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles, USA), Joyce Theatre (New York, USA), New York City Center (New York, USA), Mandalay Bay Arena (Las Vegas, USA), Colón Theatre (Buenos Aires, Argentina), GEBA Arena (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Luna Park Stadium (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Sadler’s Wells Theatre (London, UK), Peacock Theatre (London, UK), Liverpool Philharmonic Hall (Liverpool, UK), Oriental Arts Center (Shanghai, CHINA), Beijing Opera House (Beijing, CHINA), Guangzhou Opera House (Guangzhou, CHINA), Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA), Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia), State Theatre (Melbourne, Australia), State Theatre (Sydney, Australia), Joburg Theatre (Johannesburg, South Africa), MAAG Music Hall (Zurich, Switzerland), Place Des Arts (Montreal, Canada), GREC Theatre (Barcelona, Spain), The Esplanade Theatre (Singapore, Singapore), Tokyu Theatre Orb (Tokyo, Japan), Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow, Russia).
Some of the Tango Houses and Milongas that have taken delight in this wonderful couple’s art in Buenos Aires are: Café Tortoni, Esquina Homero Manzi, Chiquín, Faena Hotel + Universe, El Viejo Almacén, La Viruta, Porteño y Bailarín, Parakultural, and Confitería Ideal.

Germán & Gisela have been part of a wide number of tango shows: Vamos al Tango -directed by Osvaldo Berlingeri-, Tango Inferno, Bien de Tango –accompanied by the orchestra El Arranque-, Tango Seduction, Tango Pasión -under the musical direction of the renowned Sexteto Mayor-, and El Viejo Almacen On Tour as well. An extensive tour around Japan was successfully completed with Buenos Tangos -directed by  Fabio Hager-, and Tango Dance Premium –in the company of Fernando Marzan’s Orchestra.

Because of their outstanding popularity at Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony’s show in 2012, Germán & Gisela appeared at KOHL’S advertisement; later, in June 2012, they were JLO’s special guest artists and performed at her first concert at GEBA Arena in Buenos Aires.

In 2014, this young couple had the pleasure of dancing in and starring Plaza Francia Ensemble’s first music video, which was also joined by the famous French singer Catherine Ringer. In the same year, they performed as guest artists at Sampled Festival and Lattitude Festival in England. At 2015, they performed a version of “West Side Story”, choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and accompanied by the Casco Phil symphonic orchestra at Gent Festival in Belgium.
Germán & Gisela’s professional development and growth extend to the fields of teaching and coaching as well. They are currently regarded as two of the best Tango Show teachers in Buenos Aires thanks to the fact that their students have been reaching top positions -year after year- in the big final of the Tango World Championship. Indeed, they were selected choreographers and tango coaches for one of the couples in the Argentine equivalent of Dancing with the Stars, Bailando 2012. It is because of their objective judgement, deep knowledge, and wide experience that Germán & Gisela are regularly summoned to join juries at regional championships of tango in Chile, Spain, Italy, and Japan.

This couple have been part of the show M!longa’s since its international debut in 2013, under the direction of the acclaimed contemporary choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. They are also lead dancers of Tango Fire-Flames of Desire, which has placed Germán as its Director of Choreography. Germán’s choreographing experience includes Mission Tango Show (2007)-under the musical direction of Lisandro Adrover-, Tango Inferno-The Fire Within (2010/2011), Tango Fire (2011/2016), and Immortal Tango (2016). Gisela was also the choreographer of Tango Dance Premium (2007) and assistant choreographer of Immortal Tango (2016). Worldwide critics such as The New York Times and Financial Times among other top newspapers have consolidated him as the current “hot young choreographer” and highlighted the excellence as well as the quality of his work.

German & Gisela’s biggest desire is to show their tango and passion for dancing in each and every single corner of the world. So far, they have made this possible in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Canada, Korea, Turkey, Malaysia, Philippines, France, Israel, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Cyprus, South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Albania, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, the Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, New Zealand, all of the USA, Brazil, UK, Spain, Australia, China, and Japan. Indeed, rave reviews by the New York Times, Ottawa Citizen, The London Times, and Financial Times, among other top newspapers, have established this young couple’s dance as the gold standard.