Chigirev Portrait Photography | Argentine Tango. Marcos Ayala and Paola Camacho
Argentine, Tango, Marcos Ayala,Paola Camacho
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Tango. Marcos Ayala and Paola Camacho

Buenos Aires. Argentina 2015. Tango Masters Project.
Marcos Ayala and Paola Camacho

Tango clothes collection: Mimi Pinzon | Tango shoes collection: Madreselva zapatos

Awarded with the LATIN ACE 2015in New York for his artistic career.
Amazingly young talent, and yet World Champion of Tango Dance in Japan when he was only 20 years old. Marcos has now a vast international career in Asia, Europe, North America, the Caribbean and Latin America and extensive formation in prestigious dance schools. Marcos has studied Direction and Production and is currently choreographer of Maximiliano Guerra, Director of the renowned Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.  He has participated in the Cirque de Soleil and also as a guest movie choreographer and member of the Bajo Fondo Tango Club. Marcos had successful seasons as a main dancer in famous theaters in Calle Corrientes, Buenos Aires .
He has been acclaimed as the “Young Argentinean Tango Dance Sensation” by the press in the USA and in Argentina. Marcos directs Tango Lovers Company where he is also the main dancer and author of the many choreographic compositions he showcases during his presentations.
She was part of Leonardo Cuello company and is now part of the stable cast of Tango Pasion. She has toured throughout Europe Asia and the Americas performing in the most renowned stages of the world. Paola was formed in classical and contemporary dance, jazz, Caribbean rhythms, theater and acrobatic dance with renowned professors in Buenos Aires. She is currently an aerial tango dancer and director of a very popular tango house in Buenos Aires: Señor Tango.